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Local Area Attractions & Organizations

You would be suprised at how much is going on in and around the Van Hook Arm!  The New Town Chamber and Parshall Promoters host many community events throughout the year including Fishing Tournaments and holiday celebrations. If you are interested in live entertainment you can find it at the 4Bears Casino year round; from bull riding to big name Country Artists there is somthing for everyone.  Last but not least, when you are in town be sure to check out the "Wold Famous" Rock Museum.
 Parshall Promoters  http://www.parshallnd.com  
 New Town Chamber  http://www.newtownchamber.com
 Paul Broste Rock Museum  http://www.parshallnd.com
 4 Bears Casino  http://www.4bearscasino.com
 Concerts/Entertainment  http://www.4bearscasino.com


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